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Activate your phone number Instantly!

If you struggle to keep your personal and business calls separate while working on maintaining a professional appearance for your company, you need Buy a Phone Number™.

  • Unlimited texts and minutes for your needs
  • It is fast and easy to set up
  • Works with any type of device
  • No long-term contracts tying you down
Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Buy a Phone Number™

Search & Buy Numbers in Seconds

Great Features For Every Need gives you the chance to run your business from any device, whether you have a Mobile Device or Landline


Get Local Business Area Codes

Search for and purchase phone numbers in any local area code to maintain a modest presence for dedicated customers

Get Toll Free & Vanity Numbers

Buy a Phone Number™ offers both Toll-Free and Vanity phone number options so you can focus on your marketing and make your business look more professional to your customers.

Your Own Virtual Receptionistst

By setting up virtual receptionist with unlimited extensions, numerous greetings, and a wide range of voicemail boxes ensures the customer on the other end is greeted by a professional that knows your business properly.

Call Forwarding & Business Texting Options

Buy a Phone Number™™ gives you the option to forward any incoming calls and text messages to your mobile or desk phone, making life easier for you wherever you are. Directly from your Buy a Phone Number™ account you can respond back to your caller where you want.

Drop Cowboy
Call Cowboy

Suitable for Businesses Big or Small!

We know that your business is a unique entity, with its own needs. So we took it upon ourselves to make one of the easiest to use virtual phone systems out there. You don’t have to think about it; select one or more phone numbers for your company and start receiving calls and text messages right away. We created the system to contain as many features as possible, and make it scalable, so as you grow, you can add more advanced features. From auto-dialing, call tracking by the time of day, to higher-tier functions like geo-location, lead source and quality, as well as employee performance, you will have complete control over your business.

Suitable for all Businesses

Suitable for all Businesses


Buy a Phone Number™ is a Direct Line to Your Success

Every business needs something special to succeed. Phones are integral, but you need more than a phone number to get ahead in this game. Our platform gives you a direct line to growing your business. If you want to upgrade your monthly subscription, you can add additional services like advanced call tracking, call recording, contact management, predictive dialing, employee onboarding, call monitoring, and many more. The great thing about this package is that you can get your entire company connected within minutes of joining! It is that easy!

Call Cowboy Fax

Call Tracking & Analytics Features

Make calls when your contacts are more likely to answer the phone. Keep track of your marketing campaigns with precise figures analyzing your marketing efforts every step of the way.

Progressive Dialer Function

Buy a Phone Number™ makes the chore of progressive dialing numbers a thing of the past! Functions include previewing your call, making automatic calls, as well as predictive dialing options for sales organizations where every second spent dialing is a second wasted.

Visual Voicemail

If you would rather read your voicemails, our voicemail to email transcription service means all voicemails are sent to the email account of your choice so you won’t miss out. Send ringless voicemails directly from inside your portal, allowing you to automate those frequent follow up tasks.


Respond to inbound text message with a Automatic Text reply leading customers to a landing page etc

Call Cowboy Fax
Call Cowboy Office Phone
Call Cowboy Virtual Office

Buy a Phone Number™ Pricing

No Contract, No Setup Fees, Cancel When You Want and Unlimited Minutes

Everyone is busy in life. You need your virtual phone system simple and effective, without any hidden details. Make the most of our self-service, flat-fee pricing, and there are no long-term contracts or surprises waiting to trip you up at any point!


Unlimited Minutes & Texts

No More Complicated Billing, You Pay One Flat Fee!

How often have you looked at your bills and wondered how you’re going to pay it this month? We need to make those overseas calls but if we spend our conference call worrying about how much this will set us back, what do we do? Well, the frustration of monitoring your phone usage to avoid paying excessive fees is gone! Buy a Phone Number™ provides top of the range and highly dependable business phone and texting services for a fixed monthly fee. The catch? There is none! There are no hidden charges or overage fees so you can get back to doing what you were meant to do, namely running your business, instead of worrying about every penny you spend on your phone plan.

Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included Talk and Text Included

Talk and Text Included


Buy a Phone Number™ provides high-quality communication services for businesses of all sizes, but if you don’t believe us, ask our clients!


Business and Toll-Free Texting

Keep your customers engaged with text messaging, even on your toll-free number!

Buy a Phone Number™ two-way text messaging function means customers can inquire about your products and services directly off their mobile devices whether you choose a local or toll-free phone number. Reply on a one-to-one basis using your portal or you can forward text messages to an external number. You have the option to trigger automated replies to the most commonly asked questions and responses based on specific keywords using our SMS autoresponder.

Get Started Right Away

You get complete walkthroughs and setup with every purchase so you know what you’re doing. There is No Hassle, No Hidden Contracts tying you down, and No Hidden fees!

Vanity Buy a Phone Number™

Vanity Phone Numbers can help customers remember your number easily. These numbers spell out your business name, such as 1-800-YOUR-BIZ, which are really useful in print advertising or referrals.

Buy a Phone Number™ Mission Statement

Buy a Phone Number™ goal is to give a business like yours a cost effective and scalable virtual phone system so they can succeed. Now it’s your turn.

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Toll-Free Vanity Numbers

Port your number to us Port your number to us

Port your number to us

Port Your Number?

If there is an existing number you need to port over, send an email to to get started.

Unlimited Minutes & Text Messaging

Stop focusing on your phone bills and start focusing on your business. Enjoy flat fee pricing and no hidden fees with Buy a Phone Number™.

Common Questions About Buy A Phone Number™

If you have other questions, please contact us.